North Haven Conservation Partners
Conservation Partnerships

Conservation Partnerships

It is no accident that our name includes the word partners. Whether another local or statewide organization, the Town of North Haven, a foundation or a landowner family, NHCP’s conservation work is always defined by relationships of trust and of common purpose. To date, we have enjoyed several fruitful collaborations.

When NHCP considers a property for conservation, after an initial discussion with the landowner, it applies carefully developed criteria ensuring the potential project meet the all-important test of public benefit. All discussions between NHCP and landowners are strictly confidential.

NHCP conserves property using two principle means: holding a conservation easement or acquiring fee title to a parcel. Selecting the right approach requires discussions by the landowner with his/her advisors and family members and deliberation by NHCP Lands Committee.

Please contact us with your ideas and questions. Again, conversations are confidential.